Welcome to the Alnylam Global Publication Support Request Portal!

Alnylam may consider providing publication support in response to an unsolicited request from a healthcare professional.

This portal will enable you to submit your request to Alnylam for publication work for which you are requesting support, track the progress of your existing request(s), and close out relevant funded requests.

Any request for publication support from Alnylam must be submitted through this web portal. To submit your request, you will be asked to provide relevant information included below.

If you have any specific questions regarding our process, please contact your local Medical Affairs representative at Alnylam.

Requester informationIdentification of the requester
Therapeutic areaA therapeutic area relevant to Alnylam area(s) of interest
Proposed short titleProposed or anticipated title if known
Proposed authors/collaboratorsA list of potential authors/collaborators. 
Note that, to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations (e.g., US Open Payments Act, EFPIA), Alnylam must track and, if applicable, report payments or transfers of value associated with certain activities, including publication support.
Background/RationaleWhat educational gap would the publication address in the existing literature? How might it impact clinical decision making, patient management, or the ability to inform future research?
Key research question, hypothesisWhat is the hypothesis? What are the projected key endpoints/measures if applicable?
Data Source for this proposed publication?Case Study, (electronic) Medical Records, Clinical Trial, Early Access Program, Registry, etc
Patients, Methods, TimelinesWhat are the inclusion criteria? Are any patient types excluded? Proposed analytical approaches? What is the estimated timeline for data analysis?
Publication Plan, TimelinesWhich congress or journal is being targeted? Is the congress or journal in English? What is the submission deadline? Country, language, website, etc
Additional relevant detailsAny relevant or supporting documents (e.g., quotes, etc) will need to be uploaded to complete your request